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About Us

CRISTAL CREDIT is a specialist in Business Intelligence & financial investigations worldwide since 2003, our expertise in Credit Management are already well known in Europe for more than 15 years, the recent opening office in Hong Kong, China, confirm our will to be present on the major markets in the world.

Cristal Credit Asia offer an expertise in Credit Management in Asia and worldwide in Usa, European countries, south America.
We provide our expertise on the most risky countries in the world.
We're plugged into accurate timely financial viability date everywhere that maters to you.
What makes Cristal Credit Asia different is the unparalleled caliber of our correspondent credit experts here and around the world.

Because we are so well integrated into the world's markets, we can also be useful to you in other realms, including recovery, credit insurance, and in-depth confidential enquires regarding offshore enterprises.

Speed. Accuracy. Flexibility. International reach. On-the-ground presence Obsession with deadlines.

These and other reasons spell the difference we can make with your business.

About Cristal Credit

Best of Professionals


CRISTAL CREDIT was founded in 2003 by specialists in Credit Management business and intelligence information for more than 15 years.

After a long experience in Europe CRISTAL CREDIT decided to produce a range of business credit reports and Due Diligence service in North America, Carribean Island and Central America.

Nowadays CRISTAL CREDIT provides the most important Credit Business in Europe, America and Asia.

Thanks to it's high qualified experience and network CRISTAL CREDIT spread out it's intervention and team of expert in commercial and financial Risk Management all over the world.

About Cristal Credit

Key People in Hong Kong

    • Philippe Lesquerré

    • Managing Director
    • In charge of all relationship to customer and overall Credit reporting department.
    • e-mail :
    • A Dedicated Team in charge of

    • Business Information Investigations
    • Due Diligence Investigations
    • For Inquiries, please contact :